is looking to do a follow up story to Christmas Smiles for Seniors and Darren Steele, the man who started it all!  Within conversation she mentioned other articles she had on file… Here is one (text only) ‘Elves’ bring Christmas smiles to seniors alone for holidays The Ottawa Citizen Fri Dec 19 2003 Page: D10… Read More

I have been thinking about Christmas Smiles for Seniors for a few days now.  What I need to do, when shall I start… secretly getting excited..  So I thought, is it really too early to post?  Nawwww Never too early to do good or make yourself feel good. For thrifty shoppers like me, we are/will… Read More

On our testimonials page an elf wrote one for us! How wonderful is that?  We have the BEST volunteers ever!! I love this program! There is so much done in our community for children and families which is fabulous, but, not much for lonely seniors. I am very happy to take part and continue to… Read More

You’re off work – it’s still early in the season so not many people are shopping yet — It’s a little chilly outside, so it’s a perfect day to shop for your senior!!! We still have plenty of lists ready for elves – contact us to get yours soon!  … Read More

I have always loved when parents involve their children in giving/charity work.  Even if it is simply the child writing a letter/card or tagging along with an explanation of what mom/dad is shopping for and why.   Sometimes, parents will take an extra senior for their child to choose the gift as well. Andrea’s 9… Read More

Spending time with our senior citizens is so needed. Christmas Smiles only helps one day a year – please call your aunts and uncles and moms and dads.    … Read More

A NEW Volunteer elf who works with children at Children’s Village has offered to have the kids make a homemade card for every single one of my seniors!!! (3 residences = 266 seniors) This totally warms my heart.  For the children it will help their fine motor skills, encourage their creativity, foster the importance of… Read More

Remembrance day is in a few days. It is so important to take the time to remember all those brave men and women who risked & lost their lives to make Canada what we know it as today. The next few days, some posts will be surrounding this holiday. Christmas doesn’t follow Halloween, Remembrance Day… Read More