As we all know, many hands make light work.  At Christmas Smiles for Seniors, we try to keep it simple so that no one person is overwhelmed. Here is how it works:

Christmas Smiles for Seniors put out a notice that it is once again time to start thinking of Christmas, and let the volunteer elves know that it will soon be time to get the lists in.

Christmas Smiles for Seniors contacts the homes and gets a list of people and gift suggestions for each senior in need. Santa only has to check his list twice, but we don’t have that much practice, so we have to check ours at least a half a dozen times!

Some of the Volunteer Coordinators organize groups of people, and they adopt a home to look after. From that point on, they take care of the gift collection and delivery for their home.

We also get individual Volunteer Elves to buy gifts for anyone not already looked after. Anyone who wants to participate gets a person to buy for, along with the gift suggestions for that person. They bring the gift, wrapped and tagged and ready for giving, to their Volunteer Coordinator and we arrange for delivery.

Once all the gifts are taken care of, we arrange a delivery time with the respective homes and they give the gifts out either during their Christmas party or on Christmas day.  All gifts are anonymous.

Christmas Smiles for Seniors
Step 1
Christmas is coming, get the lists in.

Step 2 Contact the homes.
Step 3
Elves adopt homes.
Step 4
Elves adopt seniors.

Step 5 Gifts are delivered

Volunteer Elves (you)
Step 1: Contact Christmas Smiles for Seniors to request a senior (click here)
Step 2: Receive a wishlist for a special senior
Step 3: Purchase, wrap and deliver gift to your Volunteer Coordinator




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