Many seniors spend too much time alone and Christmas is one of the hardest.  The whole process brightens their day, deciding what to ask for, the anticipation of what they will get this year.  It is so special for them.  Christmas is a little less hard here because of Christmas Smiles for Seniors.  Thank you!
Resident Coordinator

People always think about the children.  It’s great to see an organization thinking outside the box!
Elf, 2013

My Favorite part of Christmas is Sharing these smiles!
Team Member, Chantal

A perfect way to give back this holiday season!
Elf, 2013

Seniors are so special and are near and dear to my heart. It was such a pleasure to be involved in this event. Thanks for making me aware of Smiles for Seniors and you can count me in to help next year!
Elf, 2013 (via FB)

My kids loved the idea of “adopting a grandma” this year.  2 years ago they sadly said goodbye to theirs.
Elf, 2012

Nothing compares to seeing their (residents) faces when they open their gifts, nothing.
Wayne, Residence Coordinator 2015

I’m so happy to be a part of giving back again. Thanks for organizing! And great work!
Elf, 2016 (via FB)





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  • I love this program! There is so much done in our community for children and families which is fabulous, but, not much for lonely seniors. I am very happy to take part and continue to help those who may be left out on Christmas day. A big thank you to all the hard working coordinators who devote so much time and effort to making this the huge success it is. And a very special thank you to all those fabulous shoppers helping to bring smiles!

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