We give gifts to seniors who have no one in their lives at Christmas time.

Many seniors have no family.  Some have limited incomes and their families live too far away to visit, while others have sadly been abandoned.  It is hard enough to be alone at any time, but Christmas has to be the hardest.

The goal of Christmas Smiles for Seniors is to bring a smile to lonely seniors by remembering them at this most festive time of year.  Click here to see how we got started.

To make the gifts personal and meaningful, we ask each senior on our list for gift suggestions, and the volunteers go out and pick up some, or even all, of the items that were requested.  This ensures that each of our seniors receives a gift that they both want and can use, and shows them that someone cares about them.  Click here for more details on how the process works.

Care-givers at the seniors homes help us by taking the time to provide us with our shopping lists;  their cooperation is vital to the success of our efforts.  We are grateful for all they do every year to help their residents.
To volunteer with us, click here to send an email. 



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