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We first organized this volunteer initiative for Christmas 2000 and it has continued to grow each year thanks to the support of several hundred volunteer elves.

Volunteer elves include military and civilian members of the Department of National Defence, along with spouses, children, and friends.  In 2002, word spread and several new volunteers outside the Department joined our team.  In this effort, the more the merrier, because there is always room for another elf.

The first year we collected 225 gifts for 175 seniors in eight homes in the Ottawa-Hull area, and in our second year, the numbers doubled.  In 2002 we decided to step up our collective effort because the need was only growing and we collected approximately 750 gifts for 541 seniors in 18 different homes in the area.  

In 2003, we reached more than 1150 seniors, and in 2004 our numbers topped 1400 seniors in eastern Ontario and Quebec.  

In 2014 we reached more than **** seniors.  

This web site helps us reach out to even more people who are alone at Christmas time. Click here for more information on how we organize the gift collection.
If you, your club or your office would like to become part of our group of volunteer elves please send us an email by clicking here


We hope to hear from you.




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