Volunteer Coordinators from Christmas Smiles for Seniors contact the residences and seniors buildings in the Ottawa area to find those who don’t have many, or any people, in their lives over the holidays.  We work with the resident coordinators to get the “wishlists” of the seniors who are in the greatest need.  

When the program first began,  Christmas Smiles for Seniors only served senior citizens in need; however, as our program evolved it came to our attention that there were also adults in need with disabilities who lived in senior community housing supported by the City of Ottawa. The volunteers at Christmas Smiles for Seniors did not feel it was right to exclude these individuals from our program — regardless of their age. Our program now works with senior residences and communities in the Ottawa area serving all those who are receiving social assistance. 

Many, if not most of the region’s senior residences do not have the financial means to provide more than basic needs.  Christmas Smiles for Seniors works with members of the community to bring happiness into the lives of lonely seniors by providing them with a Christmas gift.




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